Habit Hack: Morning Routine

Starting the day with a plan ensures you have time for the things that are important to you. If you haven’t been intentional about your morning routine in the past, this is encouragement to get started! Many people like to meditate or pray in the morning. Others like to get outside and take a walk. In the winter, in Indiana, I like to take my walk in the afternoon when the temperature is a little warmer. I make my bed early in the morning because it is something that can be accomplished quickly; and I feel like it starts my day off being productive. An intentional morning routine can be a time for self-care and for setting the tone for the day. 

Please take a few minutes to think about your current morning routine. What would you like to add to your morning? Or do you have a habit that is wasting your time that you want to replace?

The title for Week 2 is “Plan to Eat Well.” Is there is something you need to add to your morning routine that has to do with prepping meals for the day? It is possible that getting up a little earlier would help you to be a bit more relaxed. What do you need? 

Here are a few podcasts to listen to for inspiration about morning routines: 

A Peek at My Morning Routine

  • Drink coffee with husband
  • Pack daughter’s lunch & make her breakfast
  • Make bed
  • Short yoga practice (Mon, Wed & Fri)
  • Use sauna (Mon, Wed & Fri) 
  • Shower and finish with 1-2 minutes on COLD!
  • Make green juice (new habit)  
  • Clean up kitchen
  • Start working on HealthJourney

Tracking Habit Change

Some people love seeing their habit change on a calendar. Purchase these sticky notes to keep track of your progress. Or use an app like “Done” or “Habit” to track your progress with new habits. In thinking about your morning routine, what change would you like to commit to? It is good to start slow and be consistent with one change before implementing multiple changes. Starting tomorrow I will…

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